KDE Konsole corruption when Compiz is active

On my laptop I’m currently running Kubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron). For additional eye candy goodness I am using the compiz-fusion package from the Kubuntu repositories. Surprisingly, even on the laptop hardware (Asus V1S) everything went smooth out of the box – I could even manage to find some drivers for the webcam and for the finger print scanner.

Well, everything worked fine except for one little detail: When I had an active Konsole session on one cube face, for example a log file, and continued to work on another side of the cube, the Konsole output would often be broken when I switched back to it. It would look as if the output had been scrolled, but the non-scrolled output hadn’t been cleared from the window. This problem could be fixed by forcing the window to refresh, e.g. by switching to another (Konsole) tab.

In their 169.XX driver series, nVidia added a config option called UseCompositeWrapper, which can help to sort out this kind of redraw problems. Fortunately, enabling this via adding the following line to the Device section of my xorg.conf was enough to solve the problem:

Option "UseCompositeWrapper" "true"