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Systemd units for Buildbot in Conda

Buildbot is a Python framework for continuous integration systems. In my research group we are deploying it in a Conda environment, which we also use to manage all the different moving parts of our Python-centric control infrastructure on both Windows and Linux. To start up the master and worker services, the corresponding Conda environment… Read more

Setting up GDC and Tango on Linux x86

Currently, there are three more-or-less working compilers for the D programming language (version 1): The oldest and most mature one is DMD, short for Digital Mars D Compiler, the official reference implementation by Walter Bright, the creator of D. It has grown reasonably stable… Read more

Installing DMD, LDC, Tango and DSSS on (K)Ubuntu Jaunty

For quite a while now, I am using the D programming language, version 1 (I have not looked at D2 yet, it is said to be still rather unstable). Even though I like it very much for its syntactical quality and the language itself is reasonably mature,… Read more

Getting KDE's clippboard to work with Eclipse

For whatever reason, Eclipse does not work well with Klipper, the KDE clipboard manager, in its default settings. The symptoms: Quite often, you copy a piece of text to the clipboard. When you try to paste it, it miraculously disappears… Read more

Duplicate »Translucency« KWin effect

For some time, the effect »Translucency« was listed twice in the KWin KCM plugin list of my local KDE setup (SVN trunk). One copy was actually working, the other was just producing error messages. Today, I finally had time to investigate the issue… Read more

KHotkeys in KDE 4.1

I just upgraded to Kubuntu 8.10 in order to have a look at shiny new KDE 4. But amongst other minor annoyances, I had real trouble getting hotkeys to work. There are configuration options in the new System Settings panel (which is a huge… Read more

KDE Konsole corruption when Compiz is active

On my laptop I’m currently running Kubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron). For additional eye candy goodness I am using the compiz-fusion package from the Kubuntu repositories. Surprisingly, even on the laptop hardware (Asus V1S) everything went smooth… Read more