STL Algorithms

While attending a workshop at Linuxwochen Linz recently, I found using std::for_each and other algorithms from the C++ Standard Template library without even really thinking about it, much to the surprise of the other workshop attendants, which were, contrary to me… Read more

The Joys of OPTLINK

As you might know, DMD/Windows (the reference compiler for the D programming language) does not use the standard COFF format for the object files it generates, but the fairly obscure OMF instead. This fact itself causes quite a number of annoyances… Read more

Setting up GDC and Tango on Linux x86

Currently, there are three more-or-less working compilers for the D programming language (version 1): The oldest and most mature one is DMD, short for Digital Mars D Compiler, the official reference implementation by Walter Bright, the creator of D. It has grown reasonably stable… Read more

The Power of Git

As you might already know if you read my blog post about it, I have been using Git quite a while ago now. However, I am still amazed not infrequently by the fact that Git simply works, in the sense that it really does the things you tell it to do. Recently, for instance, … Read more

Installing DMD, LDC, Tango and DSSS on (K)Ubuntu Jaunty

For quite a while now, I am using the D programming language, version 1 (I have not looked at D2 yet, it is said to be still rather unstable). Even though I like it very much for its syntactical quality and the language itself is reasonably mature,… Read more

Getting KDE's clippboard to work with Eclipse

For whatever reason, Eclipse does not work well with Klipper, the KDE clipboard manager, in its default settings. The symptoms: Quite often, you copy a piece of text to the clipboard. When you try to paste it, it miraculously disappears… Read more

Duplicate »Translucency« KWin effect

For some time, the effect »Translucency« was listed twice in the KWin KCM plugin list of my local KDE setup (SVN trunk). One copy was actually working, the other was just producing error messages. Today, I finally had time to investigate the issue… Read more

Strange segfaults when compiling with GDC

Use -no-export-dynamic to prevent segfaults in external libraries when linking with GDC. More to come soon…

ZoneAlarm Firewall + Windows Vista = No Good

I am terribly short on time at the moment, but I just have to record this: Don't use the Zone Labs ZoneAlarm Firewall on Microsoft Windows Vista. Just don't do it! For me, the firewall caused numerous seemingly unrelated problems… Read more

Debugging KDE applications with gdb

A pretty long time has passed since my last post here, and in the meantime I have jumped right into KDE development myself. I have stumbled upon quite a few tricks and pitfalls that I will undoubtedly write about here some day. For now, I just want to share… Read more