Package overview

$(D_CODE thrift.async)
Support infrastructure for handling client-side asynchronous operations using non-blocking I/O and coroutines.
$(D_CODE thrift.codegen)

Templates used for generating Thrift clients/processors from regular D struct and interface definitions.

Note: Several artifacts in these modules have options for specifying the exact protocol types used. In this case, the amount of virtual calls can be greatly reduced and as a result, the code also can be optimized better. If performance is not a concern or the actual protocol type is not known at compile time, these parameters can just be left at their defaults.

$(D_CODE thrift.internal)
Internal helper modules used by the Thrift library. This package is not part of the public API, and no stability guarantees are given whatsoever.
$(D_CODE thrift.protocol)
The Thrift protocol implemtations which specify how to pass messages over a TTransport.
$(D_CODE thrift.server)
Generic Thrift server implementations handling clients over a TTransport interface and forwarding requests to a TProcessor (which is in turn usually provided by thrift.codegen).
$(D_CODE thrift.transport)
The TTransport data source/sink interface used in the Thrift library and its imiplementations.
$(D_CODE thrift.util)
General-purpose utility modules not specific to Thrift, part of the public API.
Macros: TITLE = Thrift D Software Library