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Ever since I started toying around with QBasic back when a single decimal digit was enough to express my age in years, I find computer programming, its nature at the intersection of raw computing power and creativity, to be deeply fascinating. This page features a woefully incomplete compilation of some of my projects.

Originally, my motivation was mostly graphics programming and game development, but that has changed over the years – right now, my main interests are the dirty low-level magic of e.g. compiler writing on one hand and design of and algorithms for parallel and distributed computing on the other hand.

I believe that going open source is a viable and beneficial approach both for personal/not-for-profit projects as well as for many corporate products. But perhaps just as important as that, having reams of real-world code to peruse at their disposal is also a fantastic resource for people new to programming – at least, it has been for me, and I have been contributing to free software whenever time allowed ever since.

  • Apache Thrift: Having been offered the chance to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2011 program under the umbrella of Digital Mars, I implemented D support for Apache Thrift, which is an open source serialization/RPC framework originally developed by Facebook. Feature-wise, the library can be considered to be on par with the established C++ and Java implementations, and it is currently pending upstream inclusion.

  • Assimp: The Open Asset Import Library is a C/C++ library to load various 3D file formats, including Collada, 3DS, X, Obj, STL and others. Written by several members of the (German) ZFX 3D graphics/game development community, I contributed D bindings and help with maintenance and the CMake build system.

  • D: The statically typed, C-style syntax D programming language pragmatically combines efficiency, control, and modeling power, with safety and programmer productivity. I discovered it when I started d4, and have been involved with core language development for quite a while now – you will find my commits in the reference compiler as well as the low-level runtime and standard libraries. I also contributed two C library bindings to the Deimos project and a few fixes to the website. An important meta-goal of mine is to help building a healthy and vibrant community.

  • d4: Along with a more or less scholarly paper on the mathematical basics of realtime 3D rendering I wrote as part of my Matura exam (comparable to the British A levels), I designed and implemented a simple software rasterizer in the D programming language. It is mainly for demonstration purposes, but I still find the metaprogramming-based vertex and pixel shader design quite interesting.

  • KDE: I originally joined the ranks of KDE committers to work on the stability of the then-new compositing support in KWin, KDE’s window manager (at that time, Compiz was all the craze, but didn’t integrate particularly well with KDE). After experiencing for the first time the amount of hair-pulling shipping a beta to several thousand people can entail, I contributed several small fixes to other projects.

  • SWIG: The Simple Wrapper Interface Generator connects programs written in C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages. I implemented comprehensive support for the D programming language (both versions 1 and 2), which first shipped with SWIG 2.0.2.

Generally, I am a fan of Git, and you can find some more completed as well as some in-progress personal projects at my GitHub account. From time to time, I also submit patches to other project to address a specific issue that is bugging me, ranging e.g. from LLVM over Homebrew and Mercurial to Wine.