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The Joys of OPTLINK

As you might know, DMD/Windows (the reference compiler for the D programming language) does not use the standard COFF format for the object files it generates, but the fairly obscure OMF instead. This fact itself causes quite a number of annoyances… Read more

ZoneAlarm Firewall + Windows Vista = No Good

I am terribly short on time at the moment, but I just have to record this: Don't use the Zone Labs ZoneAlarm Firewall on Microsoft Windows Vista. Just don't do it! For me, the firewall caused numerous seemingly unrelated problems… Read more

Git on Windows

Just found an excellent writeup by Kyle Cordes about using Git on Windows.


At the moment, I am forced to use a box running Windows Vista for parts of my daily work. One thing that really annoys me about Windows is that nasty dialog asking you if you want to search the internet which pops up… Read more