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Random D development news

During the last couple of weeks, I didn't really find time to update this blog. Nevertheless, however, I was able to spare some time for work on a couple open source projects related to the D programming language. But first, let me quickly summarize some other awesome news… Read more

SWIG 2.0.2 with D support released

Yesterday, SWIG 2.0.2 has been released. Along with various bug fixes for the other supported languages, this is the first release to officially support the D programming language. As always, … Read more

Breaking name changes in SWIG/D

Sorry if this notice might come a bit late for some of you, but a few days ago, I have committed a breaking change to D support in SWIG trunk. It was needed to bring the names used in the D module in line with the C# one,… Read more

Announcing: D support in SWIG

In a nutshell, SWIG is a »glue code« generator, allowing you to access C/C++ libraries from various target languages, including C#, Go, Java, Ruby, Python … and, since I merged my work into SWIG trunk a few days ago, also the D programming language, both version 1 and 2.… Read more