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git reset using Mercurial

I am mainly a Git user, but lately I have been working with Mercurial from time to time. So far, I have been mostly using it for basic committing though, so I still occasionally end up with a commit I did not mean to create like this when performing more advanced operations. But undoing that can't be too hard, right?… Read more

The Power of Git

As you might already know if you read my blog post about it, I have been using Git quite a while ago now. However, I am still amazed not infrequently by the fact that Git simply works, in the sense that it really does the things you tell it to do. Recently, for instance, … Read more

Git on Windows

Just found an excellent writeup by Kyle Cordes about using Git on Windows.

The Tangled Working Copy Problem

There is a problem which probably about every developer using a revision control management for their hobby projects has already experienced: The annoying situation of having two or more completely unrelated changes in your working tree… Read more

Getting started with git

Recently, I decided to have a look at the revision control system Git and the »social code hosting service« GitHub, which is currently hyped in large parts of the open source community… Read more