D/Thrift GSoC: First results

The first week of my Thrift project as part of the D programming language Google Summer of Code is over, and I am happy to be able to share some first results. If you are not sure what I am talking about yet… Read more

Random D development news

During the last couple of weeks, I didn't really find time to update this blog. Nevertheless, however, I was able to spare some time for work on a couple open source projects related to the D programming language. But first, let me quickly summarize some other awesome news… Read more

Quake-style drop-down terminal on OS X

I'm currently using OS X 10.6 on my MacBook Pro and the combination of a polished UI and the familiar Posix foundation quite appeals to me (I'll probably do a separate post on my experience with it eventually). Nevertheless, however, I am using the text console a lot, … Read more

SWIG 2.0.2 with D support released

Yesterday, SWIG 2.0.2 has been released. Along with various bug fixes for the other supported languages, this is the first release to officially support the D programming language. As always, … Read more

git reset using Mercurial

I am mainly a Git user, but lately I have been working with Mercurial from time to time. So far, I have been mostly using it for basic committing though, so I still occasionally end up with a commit I did not mean to create like this when performing more advanced operations. But undoing that can't be too hard, right?… Read more

Breaking name changes in SWIG/D

Sorry if this notice might come a bit late for some of you, but a few days ago, I have committed a breaking change to D support in SWIG trunk. It was needed to bring the names used in the D module in line with the C# one,… Read more

Announcing: D support in SWIG

In a nutshell, SWIG is a »glue code« generator, allowing you to access C/C++ libraries from various target languages, including C#, Go, Java, Ruby, Python … and, since I merged my work into SWIG trunk a few days ago, also the D programming language, both version 1 and 2.… Read more

Oh, how glad I am that ActionScript 2 is dead and buried…

… but unfortunately not in a personal project of mine that I started quite a while ago and which I have resumed work on recently. Today, I have been finally able to fix a bug which had already taken me some hours to trace down. Basically, mouse-over and -off events would not work properly on certain… Read more

STL Algorithms

While attending a workshop at Linuxwochen Linz recently, I found using std::for_each and other algorithms from the C++ Standard Template library without even really thinking about it, much to the surprise of the other workshop attendants, which were, contrary to me… Read more

The Joys of OPTLINK

As you might know, DMD/Windows (the reference compiler for the D programming language) does not use the standard COFF format for the object files it generates, but the fairly obscure OMF instead. This fact itself causes quite a number of annoyances… Read more