Hello, nice to meet you. My name is David Nadlinger, statistically speaking my life is around 25 % complete, and when I'm not pondering topological spaces or quantum decoherence, you'll usually find me writing software or dabbling in music and design.

Originally from Linz, Austria, I am currently studying Physics at the Federal Institute of Technology in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. The single downside to being immersed in an intellectually stimulating and encouraging environment is that the concept of weekends (and spare time in general) tends to magically disappear from your life. Nevertheless, I’m continually trying to broaden my horizon, and so it happens that I have quite a wide range of interests, each of which I would like to dedicate more time to. In particular, programming and computer science has been a favorite pastime (and superb time sink) during the last years.

But – perhaps as a counter-balance to my otherwise rather analytical nature – music is also very important to me. After receiving classical piano training, my interests later shifted more towards Jazz (although I now regret not pursuing classical music longer and more vigorously). Although the days where a professional career in music would have been an option are long over, my time at the piano is still very precious to me, and one of my current resolutions is to get into the habit of regular practice again.

I also like experimenting in graphics design whenever I get the chance to – what particularly appeals to me are typography-heavy designs in print and web, and kinetic type in motion graphics. For inspiration, I enjoy browsing well-done fonts and typography, and Dribbble is always worth a look.

Oh, and I strongly believe that there is nothing wrong with having your own set of opinions, and that apologizing for this is the worst possible way of resolving disagreements. So, please don’t feel insulted if you can’t agree with something I say. There are very few cases where a – respectful – discussion wouldn’t benefit everybody involved, even if it sometimes only ends with every involved party having a clearer understanding of their own position.


The best way to contact me is probably via mail at da…@klickverbot.at (as a measure against address harvesting, please replace the dots with the three last characters from my first name). I generally try to answer any requests at least within a day or two.

Besides that, you will usually find me going by the moniker klickverbot on various online services – e.g. on Twitter, GitHub, Bitbucket, or the Freenode IRC network (I’ll often be idling in #d).


This hand-crafted website was generated using Jekyll, makes liberal use of HTML 5 and related techniques, and is best viewed using any modern browser. Its design is responsive in nature and should work on just about any device (be sure to let me know if it doesn’t on yours). Fonts are served via Typekit, and the icons are displayed using a custom symbol font based on the adorable IcoMoon collection.